3 Times I Said No this Christmas

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Trust me, the holidays are a tough time for me.  I want to spend money and go places…like, constantly.  I love to give gifts to others that I think that they will love, and have to constantly remind myself that that is not the reason for the season.  I’ve turned the leaf the past few years in that I tell myself and my children that the true Christmas spirit is about family time and being together…and while I truly do believe that from the bottom of my heart, it is still darn hard to not buy things during the holiday season and give in to the pressures of others!

So, I worked on saying no this year to more things.   Some no to monetary, some no to outside wants of others.  I’m already really frugal, so I know that I totally sound like a scrooge right now in saying that I said NO to even more things…but it’s true, I did.  And now that Christmas has come and gone, I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.  In fact, this year I had a TON more family time that ever, and it was amazing.  It wasn’t centered around gifts or giving, it was centered around games and laughter.  This holiday season will stay in my memory for a long time because of all the family interaction I was able to have.

So, what 3 things did I say no to this Christmas?

I said no to buying gifts for adults.  Shocking right?  We focused on the kids.  and we did it well.  No more awkward opening of gifts in front of people for us.  Or trying to buy a gift for an adult who has the money to buy whatever they want at any point in time.  It was truly awesome.

I repeated the word “no” to buying myself anything.  Nothing.  It was invigorating.  I truly didn’t need or want anything, and I wanted to spend the holiday time focusing on family and friends.

The last item I said no to was a setting a schedule.  It was free time, all the time.  No obligations set, no time limits set….nothing.  We spent our days as we wanted to.  and it. was. perfect.

As the old saying goes…we came, we saw, we conquered this holiday season.  It was eventful, calm and invigorating all in one.

How did you spend your holiday season?  Was it enjoyable to yourself or did you focus more on the wants of others?  However you chose to spend your holiday season, I hope that it was perfect for you.  As my mother-in-law would say, memories are money in the bank. <3



11 thoughts on “3 Times I Said No this Christmas

  1. Jess (tonyandkimoutdooradventures) says:

    Welcome to the world of “Christmas is just another day on the Calendar.” We went with the no gifts ( Valentine day, Birthdays, Christmas) many years ago and have never regretted it. We spend our money on a holiday with memories not material junk. We just have a small lunch with our parents and keep it simple.

  2. Rose says:

    My family is pretty small and usually only buy for my mom and maybe my aunt. My brother has started sending things which make it harder because I feel I need to send him something too which adds to my dilemma of mailing it. Goodness knows I can buy gifts and not send them on time or hold them for months until I go visit them. My kids were the focus and that’s the way it should be too. Although this year I did buy a couple things for myself and I never do that!

  3. Mariella says:

    I had a fantastic Christmas with my family as well, but I just can’t stop giving gifts I love it and I got only 2 but the time we spent together was more precious than anything monetary I could have received.

  4. Christine says:

    Making memories is best! All the gifts only cause clutter. I don’t need more stuff. I’d rather spend quality time with my family than cleaning up stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nikki Gwin says:

    That is impressive! Especially the “not buying anything for myself”. I have no desire to do that one. haha
    I did do the no buying for adults. in my own way anyway. I bought for my husband. And then the only other adults I bought for was just if I found something special that was TOTALLY them. Like my sister. She is so easy to buy for.
    🙂 gwingal
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  6. Kait Around The Kingdom says:

    My husband and I are currently in that limbo of newlyweds/don’t have kids yet. But my husband is big into Christmas so I was kind of the mom and he was the kid. I didn’t get myself anything but I got him a few surprises. I’m just looking forward to when we have kids in the future and we get to full on surprise them!

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