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5 Things I Tell Myself Each Morning

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Some days, waking up in the morning and putting both feet on the floor is hard work.  Other days, it’s convincing myself to find a way to take that first step to start the day…Face it.  Life, at times, can just plain suck.  (don’t tell my kids I used that word – it’s a no no in our house!)  But, I’m a believer of the truth, and that is that.  I’ve written about how adulting can be hard, and how I’ve underestimated parenting – all true things.  BUT, sometimes, there are days, where I just want to not “do” anything.  (well, except drink coffee ,of course)  On the flip side, I KNOW that life is a gift, our greatest adventure..and I’ll be darned if I’m going to waste it.  So, I’ve become my own  mental coach – a quiet cheerleader if you will, on a daily basis where I tell myself these 5 things each and every morning as I drag myself out of bed.

  1.  It’s a new day, a new start.  Every day, we get to start over and write a new page in our book.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand to read the same book over and over and over.  Ugh, it’s draining thinking about it…so, why in the world would I want to keep living the same day over and over and over?  I don’t.  I like to live on the edge a little here and there!  Mismatched sock day?  Yahoo!  Having a piece of old Halloween candy for breakfast?  Sure, there has to be some sort of nutrients in there right?  Shake things up…be a little crazy.
  2. I’m leading by example.  Our lives are blessed with two little spunky girls who see us, hear us and sponge and soak up EVERYTHING involving us.  So, if I can’t function at a decent speed, how will they be able to???  or even understand how to?
  3. I’ve been granted another day to leave my mark on this world.  How will I be remembered when I’m no longer here?  Well….I hope I’m remembered as someone who is a good friend/mom/wife and kind.  What I think most will remember?  I’m quirky, against the grain, tall with long arms to reach top-shelf items, prefer old stale popcorn over fresh popped, eat pickles by the gallons, belly laughing, forgetful….but, at the end of the day, has a huge heart and passion for life.  <3
  4. Be kind.  Truth?  I’m a monster in the morning with a cup of coffee.  I know, I know…I’m ashamed to admit it.  I literally feel myself relax as the cup of joe hits my lips.  Seriously.  I just love it.  Everything about it.  But without out?  Eek.
  5. Do your best.  Not every day will be a slam dunk.  Not every day will be perfect.  Heck, I realized that I spent 2/3 of my day yesterday with my fly down…yup.  Life happens, but I will ALWAYS keep trying, always do my best.

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I dig deep to find my motivation.  Some days are easier than others.  Sometimes, my motivation is a cup of joe…while others it’s something a little more exciting. 😉  Regardless, I live my life the best I can and know how.  I’ve got a pretty good solid 33 year track record, so I have to be doing something right, eh?

How do you find motivation in the AM?  Do you pep talk yourself of just forge through the day?

Morning Routine

33 thoughts on “5 Things I Tell Myself Each Morning

  1. Alice says:

    I absolutely LOVE this, I ought to bookmark it and keep reminding myself of these points. I love how there’s a strong idea of being unapologetically yourself, that just spreads so much confidence and that’s how I want to be! Plus, candy for breakfast is always a good choice x


  2. Robin says:

    Be kind, the children are watching. Very important reminders that need to be shared more frequently in the world today. We need a kindness revolution!

  3. Jessica Hughes says:

    I love that you have become your own mental coach and that you tell yourself these 5 things every morning. I completely get the fact that there are just days where you just don’t want to and that there are days that life sucks. I have days where I am just a hot mess! But it is so important to remember all of those things that you tell yourself each morning. LIfe is a gift and we need to make the most of it even when it sucks!
    Jessica Hughes recently posted…Transitioning to Toddler RoomMy Profile

  4. Deanna says:

    I love the “new day, a new start” mantra. and Coffee is also my motivation almost every day haha. It’s something to look forward to to get me out of bed in the morning.

  5. Angela Tolsma says:

    I’ve taken the morning approach of if I won’t want to deal with me in the mornings maybe I should change my attitude to something reflect who I would want to deal with in the mornings.

  6. Kacie says:

    I sometimes find it hard to get motivated in the mornings too. I tell myself to just get on with it, as when I do just set my mind to things, they never take me as long to accomplish as I thought they would!

  7. Deb Savage says:

    These are some great things to take with you each morning. Making sure you are number one with your thoughts is so important!

  8. Joanna says:

    I can’t function in the mornings either until I have had my cup of coffee. Nothing can get done before that first cup of coffee. Agree that every day is a new day and we shouldn’t make it the same as the others.

  9. Ithfifi says:

    Ah wonderful rules to start the morning by, its important to grasp each day and be thankful for each one. Your first one struck a cord with me, I recently had a pretty lousy day and I dwelled on it for that entire day. Then I decided to scribble it off, I took the next day without that lingering over me and instantly things start to improve.
    Ithfifi recently posted…Freehand Gingerbread Man Nail artMy Profile

  10. Indu says:

    Great things to say to self each morning to begin a new day. Five things you have mentioned are a must to believe in and act in, to gear up for any challenge that life throws on any particular day.
    Indu recently posted…Las Vegas Of AsiaMy Profile

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