10 Gifts to Shock and Amaze for Christmas

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The thought of giving and getting gifts make me anxious.  Have you ever looked at the facial expressions that you make, when you don’t know you are making them?  Yes, you read that right….what I mean by that, is that sometimes, my face has what I like to call “a mind of it’s own” and it contorts itself in a way, that even I don’t understand.  Hence, the reason I get anxious around gift giving time.  My face, the same face I’ve had my entire life, becomes my nemesis.

Now, I love giving gifts.  and I love watching people open them…but, I get so excited to see their response, that I basically ruin the moment because I can’t set still and my eyes are bugging out of my head.  I’m like a child.  Seriously, it’s annoying.  I even annoy myself.  and then…if they don’t give an over-the-top reaction that I think they should, then my enemy face shows a look of disappointment in them, and so begins the cycle.  (Honestly, I think my face is against me!)

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And then….the thought of receiving gifts?  First off, I do love receiving gifts.  BUT, remember a couple of paragraphs ago when I said that my face had a mind of it’s own?  It does. Every time.  and I’m truly not picky about gifts.  My face may say otherwise, but my heart is happy with anything.  So, face of mine, why do you disobey????

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I’ve decided I have to take charge of myself, my face and my fate as a gift giver and receiver.  How?  I’ve looked high and low and discovered some amazing gifts that I think are spot on, and no matter what facial expression follows upon receiving or giving, it’s justified.  Prepare yourself for the most AWESOME, UNIQUE, JAW DROPPING, CONFUSING gifts that I could find. Welcome to the land of gifts, where facial expressions don’t matter.  That look of shock?  It’s supposed to happen.  The question of, “What exactly is this?” is an expected question.  The laughing at the gift received? The more laughter, the better.  Buckle up, let’s get this journey started.

10 Gifts to Truly Shock and Amaze for the Holidays

  1.  Who doesn’t love fanny packs??? We all have them, don’t lie.  Meet the one-upper to the fanny pack…the beer belly bag.  Mic drop.


2.  Ever have those times in the shower where you question, “Where has this soap been?”  Well, worry no more my friends…..

3.  We all know those people that are just “sooooooo busy”…, let’s help ’em out and cut down on their morning routine with a nice shower/coffee combo.

4.  Know any chefs?  Expand their reading shelf to include this guide on how to really properly tie up their birds.

5.  Here kitty kitty!  For the cat lovers in your life, and also fans of the Titanic… Be proud hanging this in your car!   Never in my life have I seen anything more amazing.

6.  One word.  Snittens.  Mind blown.  Snot meets mittens.  Who DOESN’T need these???

7.  This had me at ninja.  Two shirts in one?  I do love a deal!!!

8.  Know any bahumbugs in your life?  Cheers to them, they need this shirt!

9.  If you know ANYBODY in the working world, this mug will make sense to them.  This is the best gift they will receive ever.  In their entire life.

10.  Politics taboo?  Not at Christmas time!


See?  What did I tell you?  These gifts take control and make the awkward situation of giving and receiving fun because they are meant to be light-hearted. It just takes away all the stress and worry and replaces it with laughter.  I’ll take that win!

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Maybe that’s the key to the gifting of the world….just have fun, and trust that you know the person well enough to hit it out of the park..and if not, at least know that there is always next year!

What unique gifts have you ever received that turned out to be some of the best gifts ever?


78 thoughts on “10 Gifts to Shock and Amaze for Christmas

  1. Jack bransson says:

    Awesome gifts, the mug is awesome and i think it would be just the right gift for my friend. Thank you for sharing though!

  2. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    I guess for Christmas would be the best time to make people laugh and feel like where is my real gift. LOL! But nothing like making people laugh. Great gift ideas. My sister would be amused by some of these.

  3. Angela Cardamone says:

    These are all very unique gift ideas! There are a lot of good bargain too, love Amazon!!

  4. Shubhada Bhide says:

    Oh! these are a great selection of gift ideas! I will definitely check Amazon for other items that I will give to my family this Christmas.

  5. Anders Lorenzen says:

    It has to be #10 for me. Also, I have to say I agree it can be awkward how to react when you receive presents. For that reason, I always prefer to give than receive.

  6. Kelley Aroura says:

    HAHAHA, thank you for sharing this light hearted post. I love to give funny gifts for Christmas. My favorite was a gift card in a locked puzzle game, You have to figure out the puzzle to get to the giftcard. This was such a fun gift and everyone int he family laughs at your frustration. we started a new tradition and whoever gets it has to pass it along the next year!

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