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My blogging and love of blogging is a family effort.  HodgePodge Hippie has posts from our 9-year-old,  thoughts from our 5-year-old and most posts are a joint effort from me and my husband as well.  They come from my happy place, my sad place, my frugal place, my sarcastic place…and mainly, my heart, soul and mind.  Tonight, my husband is center stage on HodgePodge Hippie.  He has a way with words that I’ve loved since the day I met him, and he had a great idea for a fun post that I think is time to shine.

If you’ve ever wondered “where have all the gentlemen gone?”, then get prepared to have your question answered.  Just know, they haven’t gone anywhere but, possibly, we are failing to see when they are truly trying to do a nice gesture.


So, my husband thought of some “HodgePodge Hippie Husband Hacks” of things he does to show me he cares.  A random compilation of ways to be a gentlemen, with little to no effort but results in huge rewards of love and appreciation. <3

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A gentlemen always walks in front of his lady going down the stairs.  (Totally true – I’ve fallen into him so many times and he has saved me!)

Not surprisingly, he should always walk behind her going up the stairs too.  (Hey, I’ve fallen backwards too!)

Always make certain to have the male walk closest to the road to protect from traffic.

Don’t order alcohol on a date unless she does first.  (Don’t worry, I’ll always order first.  Cheers!)
Respect her dietary needs on a date.  (Dessert first, please!)
Don’t extend a hand when meeting a lady unless she extends first (Love this.  I need to ask him though…what if I want to high-five instead?)
Rise from your seat when she first joins the table.
Place a napkins on your lap during dinner. (I am the WORST at this.)
Do not finish your meal too soon before her.  (I’m a fast eater.  Challenge accepted.)
Listen more than speaking and when speaking, make certain it’s not in a way that takes away from her topics or thoughts but compliments the conversation.  (See why I married him???!!!)
Open the car door but if a climatic day (hot or cold) make sure she knows you will make it comfortable before entering.  (Heater on full blast please!!)
If resources are available and a change of clothes is required, provide a comfortable area to do so.  (So…you’re saying streaking on the squad is out of the question???)
Open doors to enter/exit buildings and if she’s inclined, have her lead the way till walking together is an option.  (I do love to lead…)
Try her interest with a positive mind and action.  (I do want him to take up crocheting!)
Say yes when she offers to buy.  (This has never happened.  Maybe he is giving me a hint? ;-))

If no close parking available, offer to drop her off at door while you look for parking spot.

Never honk your horn to rush her.
Let her win at cribbage.  (HA-he is ornery.  We play cribbage almost nightly….never has he “let” me win.)
What wonderful, easy ways to show appreciation?  These ALL literally bring a smile to my face and make my heart happy because, without effort/without fail, he does these all, all the time.  While I may fail to show appreciation every time, I do appreciate it every time.  Our daughters have also noticed these things that daddy does for mommy and I am hoping that they look for these amazing qualities in their future suitors as well.
What are some other fun ways that your better half has shown to be a gentlemen/lady to you?  I totally need to up my game!!!!!

75 thoughts on “Hodgepodge Hippie Husband Hacks

  1. Cia Black says:

    Yes, yes, and yes. I ‘ve always been told about walking closets to the street, even my 11 year old son follows that rule. My husband often has to deal with me and temperature in the car, he prefers air I prefer heat, so he got me a car with dual setting, so I’m always toasty warm now.

  2. David Elliott says:

    I remember when I was told about the stair rule. I was in college. I had never heard of it before, but it did make a lot of sense to me once I had heard it. Only thing I would debate was about saying yes when she offers to pay. I don’t like to do that at dinners. Maybe later on after dating a while, but not early on.
    David Elliott recently posted…“Shine: Why Don’t Moon Fairy And Sun Prince Live Together?” – A Fairy Tale Of DivorceMy Profile

  3. Shibani says:

    Wow I love this list, finally someone said this out loud!! I also like my date to old my hand when walking in to a dark movie hall, weirdly people these days don’t do that often!!!

  4. Worldpal says:

    What a lovely article. I have found that gentlemen are sweet in very subtle way. Unfortunately, those little gestures often go unnoticed. Yet, it’s these little things we fall in love with. They add up to something so beautiful. <3

  5. Sophie says:

    WHat lovely little ways to be a gentleman… my other half always opens the door for me, to the point where at one point I actually waited for him to do it before I realised what I had done *total shame moment!*. i love the little things men do for us to make us feel just a little bit special

  6. Dona says:

    What a wonderful reminder of how kind our husbands are. I try my best to acknowledge the little things that mean a lot to me that he does. He also is very considerate regarding opening, holding and closing doors, he always walks on the traffic side of the street, etc. He is younger than me and he seems like an old soul, but I love it and I appreciate it. I hope that others will appreciate what their husbands do for them through this article.

  7. Emily Terrell says:

    It is rare to cross paths with a man who maintains a chivalrous attitude towards a lady. I’m so happy to have met and married one such man. All of these are great things that we should be teaching our sons to keep the acts going strong.

  8. Anna says:

    Naww love reading your post. I would say you are both lucky to have each other 🙂 I read somewhere this tip – Have a surprise jar where you previously write wish lists together and when the time is right, pick one and do it! anything goes, could be afternoon massage, singing their fav song or making dinner.

  9. Family Life Tips says:

    Very good tips here. To some degree, I think many couples have either forgotten about the benefits of mindfulness or just don’t see the true value in it anymore. However, I can the spirit has not died. We just need to keep educating those around us. 🙂

  10. Natasha Kendall says:

    It’s funny how traditions change so much when it comes to dating. Years ago, it would have been totally weird to online date for example, and now it’s the new norm! Loved your writing style by the way. Great post 😀

  11. Lian says:

    I read this post while my other half was preparing dinner. We found many of these suggestions very interesting. I am not sure if he would want me to walk behind him while going down the stairs since I tend to slip and fall a bot more than he would like.

  12. bianca Nunez says:

    That street rule was something that surprised me , my ex was shocked when I tried to walk a certain way and then he stopped me. There are still some guys who do these rules and respect them.

  13. Tina Grant says:

    It’s the little things and the show of respect that keeps a marriage together. I have been married 26 years because like you I married a gentleman. He does a lot of these, walks on the curbside, opens the door and for me Friday is “Flower Day” Yes every Friday he brings me flowers.. has for years. Looks like you have a stupendous marriage.
    Tina Grant recently posted…Bringing Awareness To The Organization WRITEGIRL – in memory of Sue ZeidlerMy Profile

  14. Emily says:

    Are these a treasure of gestures. I will absolutely teach my little boy these growing up.

    It’s nice to be important, but important to be nice. Xx

  15. Ithfifi says:

    Awwh Hodgepodge Hubbie is a treasure, you hold on to him! I’ve had varying degrees of gentlemenship, usually it’s all just a two week show and then it completely vanishes…I’m staying single until someone really, really worth willing to change that comes along 🙂 I like your hubbies list of ideas, they are the kind of things I imagine a good gentleman should do too!
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