July Blog Earnings

How I Earned $56.60 Blogging in July

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July Blog Earnings


I’ll never fluff what I earn with my blog. EVER.  I’ll never steer you wrong!  So…drumroll please….for the month of July, GOAL REACHED! (actually much exceeded!) If you recall my May income report and my June income report, I killed it in July!  Well, that might be a bit of stretch….BUT, it is growth. and I’ve managed to more than double my monthly income month over month.

So, let’s break it down:

$0 Bluehost (c’mon Bluehost lovers!  I’ve been unlucky in affiliate love with Bluehost for the past  3 months.  Interested in starting a blog?  Now. Is. The. Time.  Sign up through my link for a great offer!  You will love the blogging world, just take the leap!)

Ebates earned me $50 bucks!  I am so stoked about this.  Not only did I earn money, I also saved a ton of money off my purchases as well….money in the bank.  Interested in learning more about Ebates?  Check it out here.  and sign up!  It’s FREE.  It’s FREE money back at ya when you shop. and did I mention, it’s FREE???! and if you sign up and make your first purchase, you’ll get a $10 credit!  Easy peasy.

Amazon earned me $3.27.  I’ll take it! I love me some Amazon and I’ll forever be loyal to them and the promotion of their gazillion products.  Where else will I find a company that delivers 12 bottles of BBQ sauce directly to my door?  Yep, 12.  Don’t judge.  We found a flavor we liked….so, we stocked up.  It’s called being prepared. 😉

Shareaholic earned me $3.33.  It’s like rolling a Yahtzee, but not really.  (get it?! 3-3-3… C’mon…where are my game lovers?)

So, total earned is $56.60.  And as bloggers can attest….this. was. definitely. earned.  A lot of work went into the blog this month.

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I’ve told you the profit…what about my expenses?  Well….I’ve developed dark circles that seem to want to remain under my eyes due to my lack of sleep from blogging.  Does that count?  I’ve also managed to recruit my 9-year-old daughter to the blogging world where she feels she should be being paid to assist me….dollar amount TBD.  😉

But truthfully, I’m frugal.  We all know this.  I’m not pumping the dough into my blog, just yet.   I know the saying of it takes money to make money…but, I’m just not there yet to spend.  I prefer to try to grow my blog organically.  Can it be done?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Regardless, challenge accepted.

I always like to end with how I’m going to spend my earnings…..in May, I bought a gumball…in June, $1 sandals from Old Navy and some ice cream….and for July?  New sunglasses (my 5-year-old stepped on them), and a new swimsuit.  I’ve seriously had the same swimsuit since I was 16.  I’m 33 now.  You do the math.  It’s time.  Bonus?  I’m gonna get a great deal on it since it’s the end of summer!  😉  and if there is change left over, I’m gonna splurge on a BINGO scratch lottery ticket.  Why?  Because if I’m going to splurge and buy a lottery ticket, I’m going to buy the one that is going to take me longer to scratch and lose my money.  Less painful that way.   May the odds forever be in my favor.

Updated goal for August?  Double it of course!  Always double.  So for August, I’m hoping to earn $113.20.  HELP ME. 😉

As always, this is such a fun journey for me.  Thank you for joining for the ride.  Cheers to another great month, my friends!

July Blog Earnings


23 thoughts on “How I Earned $56.60 Blogging in July

  1. Ashley says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I feel I am on the same page as you, not sure if I can make this work although I am putting in so much time, but am not putting much money into it just yet. Not by choice but I am literally broke, and we have no source of income for now but challenge accepted! I look forward to being ecstatic about my first earnings, especially $56! I look forward to hearing more about your journey, nice to meet you 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Such a fun and honest post! Blogging is seriously time consuming. Best of luck to you with the organic growth! I’m currently on the same path.

  3. LeeAnn | My Veteran Woman Life says:

    Great job! You are right in that it IS a lot of work! I’m working on my First Month Blog Report and am super stoked that I actually made a little money. Of course, it wasn’t enough to put me in the green since it is my First Month and I had to pay for things like my hosting service for the year – but it is something and now I’m motivated even more to keep working! Can’t wait to see how you do for August!

  4. Caitlin says:

    Lol this was great! And you beat me. I made $40 with my blog this month. I like the goal of doubling it, I think I’m gonna steal that! Anyway I’m wishing BOTH of us an awesome month for August! May the blogging odds be ever in our favor!

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