How to Mall Walk Like a Pro


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I’m a hater of all things winter.  I truly am.  I dislike the cold, the snow, the moisture in the air.  I could care less if I can see my own breath, and I’ve fallen down more times than I can count on the trickery of black ice.  Let’s face it…winter is my nemesis.   I’m literally counting down the days until it is the 70-degree weather.  My winter coat is my second skin, I never take it off.  I sit at home in it, wear it walking around the house…seriously, I’m chilled to the bone for 4 months out of the year!  What is wrong with me?!  And why have I lived in a state my entire life that has the most unpredictable and crazy weather patterns ever?

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Don’t get me wrong, I know that winter is truly a beautiful site to see.  I love the pretty snow from afar, the holidays that happen in winter, the joy on my children’s face when they get to play in the frigid cold weather or miss school because of it…but for me?  I can’t get behind it.  The thought of having my nostrils freeze together one more time, while funny as it sounds, may make me invest in a built-in heater for my coat.

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Part of my daily routine is that I like to walk. A lot.  It’s my form of exercise and my life feels all wonky if I’m unable to get a walk in.  But during winter?  It isn’t happening.  I’ve tried.  It’s agonizing to me.  Next best thing?  Well..mall walking of course.  I conned my husband into joining me the last time.  I was in for a treat.  First, it’s really a thing…there are like clubs and stuff of people that do this.  And they are serious about it.  They have headphones in, they have created their own “lanes” and to them, if you aren’t moving quickly, you’re in their way.  It’s quite intimidating.  From my last experience, I created a tips guide for those of you wanting, or considering,  to mall walk.

  1.  No strolling aloud.  Walk briskly.  Swing your arms and prepare for a real-life game of Frogger.
  2. Take hydration.
  3. Avoid eye-contact.  In my experience, no one smiles at each other.  Either its some unknowns secret that no one made me aware of, or we all divert our eyes to not slow our pace.

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That’s it.  Truly.  If you can be quick on your feet, dodge herds of human traffic and withstand from spending all your money everytime you go to the mall to walk, you may have just found your saving grace for winter.  Me?  I may or may not be giving it a try again…A better plan right now for me is to be snuggled up by the fire reading a nice book, waiting for spring to appear.  C’mon 70-degree weather!!!


39 thoughts on “How to Mall Walk Like a Pro”

  1. Sounds a bit intimidating at first but kind of fun! Haha better than being cold!

  2. Rachel G says:

    I cannot stand being cold, either. I’m from Michigan, and mall walkers are a very common sight in the winter, that’s for sure! And really, it’s way smarter than trying to go for a long walk outside during the winter months. Some of our local malls even had signs on the wall marking distances from one point to the other so that the walkers could know how many kilometers one round of the mall was. I’m mostly glad I now live in a tropical climate! 🙂

  3. Great plan! I’m a winter hater, too, but fortunately where I live, winters are when we can actually go outside (I live in Phoenix, home of the 115 degree summers)!

  4. Holly says:

    I work near a big mall, and I’ve often thought about going there to walk. I might have to now! It sounds like something that would work.

  5. Ben says:

    I never knew I needed advice to walk through a mall until I read this! Thaks for sharing!

  6. Sarah Bailey says:

    I was just thinking over here it mostly walks quickly and eyes down, you’re focused you know where you want to go and you’re going to get what you want no matter what.
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  7. Dee Jackson says:

    I am so afraid of being cold but having said that I really like this post. I like walking through malls and thus was worth the read.

  8. Taryn L. says:

    Your post made me smile! I feel the same about winter… so much so that we moved to TN and they have had the worst two winters in YEARS since we moved here! We used to go mall walking a lot and you are right… it’s like a serious thing. Try to stay warm!

  9. Winter is the worst! Except for the holidays. Mall walking is a hobby for me and my oldest daughter. We usually go early. Where we live, the mall opens early just for mall walkers.

  10. GiGi Eats says:

    Ha! Mall walking can LEGIT BE EXERCISEEE!!! Take those stairs and BUY STUFF so you have a lot to carry, LOL !!! Your wallet will “lose weight” too!

  11. I thought I was the only one that goes to the mall to walk. I actually go to DG to do this daily and they’re convinced I’m spying on them or something. I’m not walking outside in this cold weather, that’s for sure.

  12. emma white says:

    I am always cold and I mean yes even when its summer so I get out and inside as soon as I can and I had to laugh at the dont smile or make eye contact as yes it is very much like that

  13. Dana Peller says:

    Strolling through the mall is tough for me, but it’s nice to find the essentials when you do.

  14. I dont like Winter either, but being from Austria, you can’t avoid it, so I take up winter sports and do fun things until lovely Spring arrives.

  15. Ada says:

    I have always seen people walking the malls but have never tried it for myself. Seems like a good way to get exercise when its cold out.

  16. Kiwi says:

    I cant stand winter either. Wait wait this is a thing mall walking?? I had no clue wow I probably passed by so many mall walkers and didnt even think about what they were doing looks like an interesting secret society.

  17. Rachel says:

    I dont know if this post was intended to be funny but it made me smile! Walk with purpose – my stepmum does this and I could never keep up with her as a kid (or now!)

    1. Thena says:

      I love bringing a smile to people’s faces! 🙂

  18. Miljana says:

    It must be a secret, but it’s beyond understanding (maybe the aliens took control and made us more robotic). 🙂

  19. Gayathri says:

    So I finally took a bite and went off on a winter holiday to see what the fuss is all about. And by winter holiday I mean going to experience the winter. Yes the snow, the ice and the breath out of my nostrils. But now am back to my books and cozy bed in my hot hot city. I have had enough and I can understand why you hate it.
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  20. The notion of sitting at home curled up under a blanket, reading a book and drinking hot chocolate is everything. If only i could get a job that paid me for it.

  21. Becca Talbot says:

    I have to ask, what’s a real life game of Frogger?! I’ve never heard of that expression before in the UK, so is it an American thing? I’m curious LOL x

    1. Thena says:

      Haha, I love it! 🙂 Have you ever played the game frogger with the little frog that you are trying to get to cross the road without getting ran over? Mall walking is like that…dodging all the other mall walkers to save your life! 😉

  22. TeeShares says:

    Somethings we never really think about. Thanks for this post, i enjoyed reading it. Now I’ll remember how my mum did it, walk with a purpose.

  23. I try to avoid the mall at all costs these days. It can be great exercise if you walk a lot. I use to go there a lot but I do not live by one at the moment.

  24. Valerie says:

    Love your post!!! I didnt even know they had a mall walker group! Ive seen people at the mall with headphones like that! Im more of a mall runner … cause I’m always running after my toddler 😭. I would probably try to find a mall walker group on fb.

  25. Nisha says:

    I think everyone faces the same problem as you do in winter 🙂

  26. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    Oh, Mall Walking is such a great way to exercise our body. It seems that I need to try it on my own. It sounds so interesting.

  27. Mall walking also got pro or not pro? Haha this is so interesting… Let’s go mall walking..

  28. Kallie says:

    haha I LOLed about no eye contact! I want to do mall walking so bad for real, but the closest mall to me is 35 minutes 🙁

  29. Kristin Cook says:

    I never think to take a water bottle to the mall, but I need to! With these colder temps, mall walking is such a good idea!

  30. HAHA the no eye contact rule! That is too funny! My grandpa was a big mall walker! I always thought it was so strange until I started walking and in the winter I was like uhh…maybe I should mall walk lol.

  31. justine says:

    EVERYONE mall walks now that its cold outside!
    i remember going to the mall when i was younger, dodging between mall walkers. back in my day, it wasn’t like frogger — they would mow you over if you didn’t move!

  32. My boyfriend and I go to the mall whenever it’s cold outside and we want to get some exercise in while also window shopping. We rarely shop at all, but love the ambiance of malls, so we go often and get some walking in in the process!

    1. Thena says:

      It’s the best! <3 Love it!

  33. Hi, Thena! I never heard of mall walking before, well, not this seriously. This seems like a great alternative for winter because not many people like to freeze in order to get their daily workout. 🙂 I was wondering, how long are your walks?
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    1. Thena says:

      Hey Nigel, I like to walk about an hour if possible!

  34. I’d never thought of power walking in a shopping centre, but can definitely see how it’s a good solution for the winter months x

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