You Gotta “Pizza” my Heart Recipes

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Pizza is my jam.  Or well, it used to be back before the land of food allergies found me.  While I miss pizza, it will always hold a place near and dear to my heart.  My husband and I often joke that if we had to choose one food item to eat every day, for the rest of our lives, we all know my choice would be pizza.  It may not be doable anymore, but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop trying to find a substitute pizza that I can eat and enjoy!

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With Valentines Day literally right around the corner, what better food pun is there than “You Gotta Pizza My Heart”?  C’mon, that’s awesome.  You know it made you smile…right?  Date nights for Valentines Day bring along a lot of pressure.  Why not look at staying home together and creating some fun pizza combos?  I know that there are a ton of different pizza recipes out there, but here are a few fun and unique ones that are worth a try!

Awesome Pizza Recipes:

Spicy Pimento Cheese Pizza.  Bring on the heat!!!  The spicier the better!

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza.  Yes, you read that right.  This pizza combines two of the most glorious foods of our lifetime.  Plus, it’s low-carb AND gluten-free.

Broccoli Crust Pizza.  I’m a lover of brocolli…and of pizza.  This could be a total win/win for me.  Can you have your veggies in the crust of your pizza instead of on top?  Absolutely!

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Nests.  This is cuteness overload right here.  Low carb pizza nests?  AND gluten-free?  Be still my heart.

Brownie Fruit Pizza.  Because desert…that’s why.  Who says pizza has to be warm and cheesy?  How ’bout fruity and chocolately?  Sounds like winner-winner pizza dinner in my book.

It may not be possible to choose just one!  They all look so delicious and are all so unique from one another that I feel like a taste-test is in order to be able to truly judge.

How do you prefer your pizza?  Are you a thin crust lover or a thick crust lover?  Do you love or hate a ton of pizza sauce?  My perfect pizza would be a thick crust, with crispy edges, no pizza sauce and a ton of cheese topped with artichoke hearts, onions and hot sauce.  Ah-mazing.  What is your magic combo for the pizza of your dreams?



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8 thoughts on “You Gotta “Pizza” my Heart Recipes”

  1. Kallie says:

    WHOA the spaghetti squash one sounds amazing. spaghetti squash is literally one of my favorite things!
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    1. Thena says:

      I know, right!? So fun and unique!

  2. I love a good pun! And a good pizza, but I have my eye on that dessert one. What says Valentine’s Day better, right?! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Jennifer L says:

    Wow some of these pizzas are pretty unique. I’m so for trying a Brownie Fruit pizza…yum! Not sure about a cheese burger pizza though but its probably cause im not the biggest burger person.

    1. Thena says:

      I can’t say no to anything pizza. <3

  4. I love pizza! And not just the “traditional” version! We make “pizzas” with just about anything in the pantry. I like using the large flour tortillas and then putting whatever on them and melting it on a hot pan. Super easy and fast dinner!

    1. Thena says:

      That is a great idea!!

  5. Gina says:

    Love pizza and always looking for new ideas. These sound extraordinary!!

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