I like to think of myself as a beautiful mess. A hodgepodge of this and that, interested in everything and always learning. This blog is a reflection of me, my family and our journey. Our story is unlike most in the way that we live on one income, are frugal yet still enjoy all things that life has to offer and we pride ourselves on the exploration of our lives that we are continuing daily and instilling in our girls.

I’ll start with the facts. I’m a 33 year old frugal fanatic. I’m a mom that already embarrasses her 8 and 4 year old daughters and I’m a wife to an amazing stay-at-home dad. Our family doesn’t do things the “conventional” way. We never have. Sometimes, this is by choice, other times it isn’t. Regardless, my family is the best hodgepodge ever. Our daily communication, values and choices that we make as a team have allowed us more financial freedom than other families that have 6 figure plus incomes and both parents work. Did I mention that we live in one income? for 4 people? and we do it well. We don’t miss out on things because we can’t afford them, we don’t have to say “no” because we have no extra spending money for the month. Yes, our family has made sacrifices along the way to be financially secure, but it hasn’t been at the cost of our needs or our happiness.

Many people wonder how we live off one income. This is where this blog comes in. Our family has one thing that some other families don’t have, and that is a plan. We have set goals and we talk about them often and figure out ways to obtain them. They aren’t pie in the sky goals that don’t allow us to realistically reach them. They are obtainable goals. They are simple goals.

1. Be debt-free
2. Work for ourselves
3. Travel the world

Simple. Three simple goals. Three obtainable goals. Three goals that we work on every day/week and month. Three goals that we think about before every impulse purchase. Three goals we think about when sometimes the grass of the debt-world looks a little greener…

Over the course of this blog I will share with you the ways that we are able to live off one income for four people while still saving each and every month, ways to enjoy TONS of activities at little to no cost, ways to look at your expenses/costs and examine how to trim the “fat” and learn the difference of needs vs wants, and tons of fun ways to make foods, etc. from scratch to save money and be healthy. The list goes on and on with all I will share with you.

My family is my priority, my life. Each day I wake up, go to work and know it is for them and for us. The other part of this blog will be to show my hippie side. 🙂 I love the idea of being “free” and putting myself out there. The idea of traveling and living on the road, of going town to town and having opportunities and ways to earn money to support our family, is so exciting to me. The options are truly endless.

Join us on this journey. Let’s learn together, let’s laugh, let’s free up some real estate in our head by communicating great thoughts and recommendations and make room for new possible options and ideas to push us to a life that is within all our grasp.

I hope my blog makes you laugh, gives you hope, guides you and helps you achieve and find financial freedom while giving you the courage to know it’s okay to stand out and be different in your goals. Most of all, I hope this blog helps you be proud in who you are, and your choices you make of how to manage your life, whether it be financially or emotionally.